Our Approach

If my only criteria for selecting products for the store was that it was a cool item, I would need a 10,000 square foot store. As a result, the other qualities I look for when selecting products are:

  • Canadian or North American companies
  • Eco-friendly products, packaging and manufacturing practices
  • Organic products

For example, one of my maternity lines is Canadian designed and manufactured and we have another designed and manufactured in the USA. As well, two of our infantwear lines are Canadian designed, and our footwear line is designed in the USA. We have two skincare lines in stock in the store. Both are certified organic, while one is a vegan line out of the USA and our best selling line is 100% Canadian. The toy lines that we carry are made of materials ranging from recycled plastics to managed forest beechwood and organic fabrics. Added bonus-they are really fun to play with and beautiful to look at!

These are just a few of our wonderful Canadian made products:

Bamboo change pads

Organic cotton crib sheets and change pad covers

Hardwood soother chains, nursing necklaces and amber teething jewelry

Organic skincare for both mom and baby

Luxurious bath towels

Mittens and booties

Wrap carriers, fabric snack and wetbags

Hand Smocked Bonnets, growth charts and bibs

Beautiful maternity clothing