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Tutti Frutti | Cupcake Factory

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his is a sure fire factory of fun! Perfect for youngster as well as adults who want to try out cupcake decorating. You are given everything needed to form, frost, then decorate your very own cupcake designs. With chocolate, vanilla, banana and bubblegum scented dough, let your imagination be your guide.

  • Four 128g / 4.5oz tubs of  white vanilla, pink bubble gum, brown chocolate, yellow banana modelling dough, 1 cupcake maker, 3 exchangeable nozzles for cupcake maker, 1 2-part cupcake shaper, 3 cupcake plates, 1 extruder with 4 exchangeable tips,  1 small fork, knife, rolling pin, 1 plastic clip. 

Tutti Frutti | Cupcake Factory



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