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Zoom Baby Dam | Bath Tub Divider
Zoom Baby Dam | Bath Tub Divider
Zoom Baby Dam | Bath Tub Divider

Baby Dam | Bath Tub Divider

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BabyDam has changed bath time for good! BabyDam - The Original Bathwater Barrier, has been designed specifically to turn your family bath into your baby’s own, giving them lots of room for fun and enjoyment! The BabyDam is the only baby bath that grows with your child, it can be re-positioned in the bath as they grow accordingly. It can be used with newborn babies from the outset, with no need to use a traditional baby bath.

You can save up to 28 litres of water with BabyDam fitted at the halfway point of a standard-sized bath and filled to the minimum line with the plug out. You can save up to 56 litres of water per bath by inserting the plug and filling to the maximum line. However, BabyDam can be positioned to create a smaller or larger area in the bath so even more water and money can be saved.


  • Integrates beautifully into your family bathtub to transform it into a baby bath 
  • The suction cup system is even more efficient and its more modern look makes it a must in your bathroom 
  • Allows you to save space, water and energy when bathing your baby 
  • Install your Babydam in the middle of your family bathtub to create a smaller space for baby bathing
  • The reducer will also serve as a safety barrier to keep your toddler away from the tap 
  • Fits standard size & shaped tubs
  • A clever product and a real must for parents!


  • Adaptable to all tubs with straight walls with a maximum width of 75cm above the tub 
  • Use from birth to about 2 years of your child 
  • Dimensions: 25.5" x 11" x 3.5" (65 × 28 × 9 cm)
  • The bottom surface must be completely smooth, can not be textured.

Baby Dam | Bath Tub Divider



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